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Talking to your GP about your mental health

GPs are there to help you with any problem related to your mental health as well as physical health.

You can go to see a GP for may reasons including if you feel sad after a relative has passed away, if the pressures of life are making you unhappy and anxious, or if you feel angry or confused.

Mental health issues can have a negative impact on your physical health, just as a having a physical health problem can affect your mental health. GPs don’t just prescribe medicines for mental health conditions.  They can also help you to access talking therapies and point you towards specialist help.

Why should I go to see my GP because of a mental health issue?

  • A minor problem could develop into something more serious if you try to ignore it.
  • Recurrent problems (like feeling anxious) can impact on your quality of life and lead to other problems.
  • Seeing a GP can help you to learn more about the support available to you, and helps your GP to better understand your needs.

How can I access a GP?

You must be registered with a local practice to make an appointment. It i€™s easy and quick to register with a practice of your choice in your catchment area (around where you live), and see any of their GPs.

How should I talk to my GP once I have an appointment?

If you are worried about talking to your doctor about how you are feeling, download this free guide from the Mental Health Foundation: How to talk to your GP about your mental health.

What if I am worried about seeing my GP?

It may help to see your GP with a relative, close friend or advocate who may support you in getting your feelings across.

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